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Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Plummets to $54K Levels

Albawaba - 2 hours ago

Sweden asks EU to ban Bitcoin mining

Register UK - 3 hours ago

'I'm still very bullish' on a pure-play bitcoin ETF in early 2022, Gemini executive says

CNBC - 5 hours ago

Bitcoin retreats 20% from record, joining risk-asset sell-off

Aljazeera - 6 hours ago

Bitcoin Falls as New COVID-19 Variant Sparks Panic in Market

Bitcoin enters bear market territory as the cryptocurrency fell eight percent in the last 24 hours to trade at $54,176, reaching its lowest level since the first week of October amidst a market panic over a new heavily-mutated variant of COVID-19 emerging from South Africa.

Epoch Times - 7 hours ago

Spanish footballer in hot water over bitcoin tweet

NZ Herald - 7 hours ago

JPMorgan says this cryptocurrency is a better buy than Bitcoin as interest rates rise -- 3 easy ways to invest

National Post - 10 hours ago

Bitcoin tumbles as Covid variant sees riskier assets dumped

Times of India - 10 hours ago

Bitcoin slumps as new coronavirus variant shakes markets

Dawn - 11 hours ago

Third-Largest Bitcoin Whale Has Amassed BTC 6,770 in Less Than Two Weeks

NDTV - 11 hours ago

Bitcoin and other crypto plunge amid fears over new Covid variant

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply, as fears over the new coronavirus outbreak also shook traditional financial markets.

Independent UK - 12 hours ago

Tech Tent: A volcano-powered Bitcoin city

BBC News - 12 hours ago

Bitcoin enters bear market territory as risk assets plunge on new Covid variant

The cryptocurrency is down 20% from an all-time high of nearly $69,000 which it hit earlier this month.

CNBC - 12 hours ago

Bitcoin plunges as Covid rears its ugly head

Russia Today - 13 hours ago

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Ethereum gains 5% in the last week

Times of India - 14 hours ago

Cryptos not for India: GoI should ban cryptocurrencies without exceptions. Blockchain technology can be explored anyway

Times of India - 1 day ago

Odell Beckham Jr to convert Rams salary into bitcoin in Cash App partnership

The new LA Rams wide receiver announced that he will be converting his entire new contract and giving away $1 million worth of bitcoin.

Toronto Star - 1 day ago

Bitcoin network overtakes PayPal in quarterly volume

Independent UK - 1 day ago

How the Vancouver-based NFT company Dapper Labs launched NBA Top Shot – and pioneered a new multibillion-dollar business model -- Subscriber content -- From CryptoKitties to Lebron James NFTs, Dapper Labs is demystifying blockchain technology and bringing it to the masses

The Globe and Mail - 1 day ago

Why Blockchain isn't as secure as you think

Evening Standard - 1 day ago

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin adds over 1%, Dogecoin sheds 2%

Times of India - 1 day ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Up to $57K Levels

Albawaba - 1 day ago

IMF warns El Salvador against using bitcoin — RT Boom Bust

The IMF is once again pushing back against El Salvador’s decision to use bitcoin as legal tender, warning that because of the volatility of the cryptocurrency, the risks are too high

Russia Today - 1 day ago

El Salvador Could Make Or Break Bitcoin

International Business Times - 1 day ago

India to ban private cryptocurrency, create official version instead

Register UK - 2 days ago

World watches through its fingers as El Salvador bets on Bitcoin

Latin American country's bold cryptocurrency move could be a reckless gamble - or a stroke of genius

Telegraph UK - 2 days ago

Ethereum is a better bet than bitcoin, JPMorgan says

Independent UK - 2 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Steady at $56K Levels, Dogecoin Recovers

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Bitcoin once again is a risk asset and no haven

Gulf News - 2 days ago

Bitcoin, Ethereum and dogecoin prices crash in India

Through the bill, India is planning to develop framework for digital currency to be issued by its central bank

Independent UK - 2 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Plummets to $56K Levels

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Infosec debate rages over meaning of the word 'crypto'

Register UK - 3 days ago

Here's a bank-by-bank rundown of how Wall Street is getting in on the crypto craze, from bitcoin futures trading to digital-asset teams

Business Insider - 3 days ago

Bitcoin price collapse driven by MtGox fears

Independent UK - 3 days ago

Odell Beckham Jr will receive Rams salary in Bitcoin

Odell Beckham Jr. is the latest NFL player to join the cryptocurrency game.

Fox News - 3 days ago

A Bitcoin city? That's the plan in El Salvador

NBC News - 4 days ago

Texas plans to become the bitcoin capital, vulnerable power grid and all

Texas, already home to the most vulnerable power grid in the U.S., is about to be hit by...

Houston Chronicle - 5 days ago

California man who used bitcoin to launder $13 million given 3-year jail sentence

Business Insider - 5 days ago

Meet the Israeli entrepreneurs putting the Bible on the blockchain

Times of Israel - 5 days ago

El Salvador plans first 'Bitcoin City', backed by bitcoin bonds

Mizata, El Salvador: El Salvador plans to build the world's first Bitcoin City, funded initially by bitcoin-backed bonds, President Nayib Bukele s...

Peninsula Qatar - 5 days ago

California man gets prison for Bitcoin money laundering

SANTA ANA, Calif.: ASouthern California man was sentenced to three years in federal prison for operating an unlicensed business that exchanged at leas...

Peninsula Qatar - 6 days ago

The countries where Bitcoin and crypto are banned or restricted

While some countries like El Salvador are embracing cryptocurrencies, others like China are leading sustained crackdowns on their use.

Euronews - 6 days ago

Bitcoin as an inflation hedge - is gold losing its lustre?

Arabian Business - 6 days ago

Mode tumbles as Ocado, Boots and Homebase deny bitcoin scheme

Evening Standard - 7 days ago

DW's NFT auction: Was it worth the effort? -- DW has just ended the sale of its first so-called nonfungible token (NFT) via an auction on the Ethereum blockchain. Here's what auctioneers Andreas Becker and Nicolas Martin have experienced during their adventure.

Deutsche Welle - 7 days ago

Israeli grandma makes milliom shekels in Bitcoin but bank suspects fraud

After investing NIS 10,000 in Bitcoin's Esther Freeman finds she has made nearly a million shekels in profit but bank says she may have been involved in money laundering

YNET News - 8 days ago

Bitcoin cashback offered to millions in UK through crypto scheme

Fintech firm Mode says it will bring BTC ‘into the hands of millions of customers across the UK’

Independent UK - 8 days ago

UAE Tech Podcast: Joel Dietz on Early Ethereum and Unseen Worlds

Albawaba - 8 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Trades Steady at $59K

Albawaba - 8 days ago

Bitcoin could 'spoil' young Indians, warns Narendra Modi

International The News - 8 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Dips Below $60K

Albawaba - 8 days ago

Why are Bitcoin and other cryptos nursing losses after hitting highs?

Euronews - 9 days ago

The Bitcoin Competitor Beloved by the Alt-Right and Criminals

Monero is a terrible financial investment—but very good at keeping its users anonymous.

Slate - 9 days ago

Baseball team to pay players in bitcoin in world first for professional sport

Perth Heat will also sell merchandise, club membership and tickets with the cryptocurrency

Independent UK - 9 days ago

What Should I Do With This Shard of Bitcoin My Evil Ex Left Me? -- Athena Valentine

Slate - 10 days ago

Bitcoin price crash sees hundreds of billions wiped from crypto market

Ethereum and other leading cryptocurrencies also tumble in value

Independent UK - 10 days ago

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto now 15th richest person in the world

Independent UK - 11 days ago

Bitcoin price prediction model of $135k by next month ‘still in play’

Crypto analyst PlanB believes BTC will hit $135,000 before end of 2021

Independent UK - 11 days ago

EU wide ban on 'harmful' bitcoin mining 'great step' towards saving environment -- SWEDISH regulators have called on the European Union (EU) to ban the mining of cryptocurrencies,...

Daily Express - 13 days ago

Is Bitcoin Killing Gold?

New York Magazine - 14 days ago

FP CryptoDecoded: Join us at our free crypto and blockchain events. Register now>

National Post - 16 days ago

How auction houses are chasing crypto millions -- Sotheby's has sold $65 million of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, in 2021, while arch-rival Christie's has sold more than $100 million of the new type of crypto asset, which uses blockchain to record who owns digital items such as images and videos, even though they can be freely viewed, copied and shared like any other online file. Here's how with Emma Jehle. -- Play video

The Globe and Mail - 16 days ago

Reddit co-founder invests in blockchain social media

Euronews - 16 days ago

Crypto queens: Women stake out space in blockchain world

As an artist and women's rights activist, Maliha Abidi is adept at using digital technologies, so when she came across non-fungible tokens she qui...

Peninsula Qatar - 18 days ago

Bitcoin price rises past $50,000, rebound slows

Peninsula Qatar - 26 days ago

Why the 'Big Short' Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

New York Magazine - 1 month ago

What is the Bitcoin-linked ETF and can it convince the crypto fans?

What is an EFT and can it convince Bitcoin fans who want to cut out the middleman when it comes to trading?

Euronews - 1 month ago

Bitcoin soars 40% up to $62,253 on growing optimism

International The News - 1 month ago

Bitcoin tops $60,000. Why is it reaching a record high?

Euronews - 1 month ago

Opinion: Even the People's Bank of China Can't Kill Bitcoin FOMO

The cryptocurrency crowd has wasted no time in dancing on the grave of Chinas "FUD" (internet speak for fear, uncertainty and doubt).

NDTV - 1 month ago

Podcast: Fans of EDM star 3lau 'could earn Bitcoin-style royalties'

Evening Standard - 1 month ago

Bitcoin inches closer to becoming legal tender globally as El Salvador breaks path

President Nayib Bukele announced El Salvador had bought its first 400 bitcoins, in two tranches of 200, and promised more were coming

International The News - 2 months ago

Bitcoin Will Soon Be Legal Tender In El Salvador - Here's What That Means

NDTV - 2 months ago

Is Cardano (ADA) the next big crypto? Here’s all you need to know

What is Cardano and what are the reasons for its success? Here’s everything you need to know.

Euronews - 3 months ago

5 Best Crypto Exchanges and Bitcoin Trading Platforms of 2021

Houston Chronicle - 4 months ago

US recovers most of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin ransom

Euronews - 5 months ago

'Crypto is the poster child of empty calorie speculation': Barry Norrison how inflation could affect growth stars, value shares and bitcoin

Daily Mail - 5 months ago

Using blockchain technology for secure data exchange in healthcare

The Star (Malaysia) - 11 months ago

Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

New York Magazine - 1 year ago

The Twin Blockchain Entrepreneurs Who Dream of "Digital Air Jordans"

New York Magazine - 1 year ago