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Bitcoin Regains $30,000 Territory After Strong Showing Over the Weekend

NDTV - 2 hours ago

Bitcoin recovers to about US$30,000 after shedding weekend weakness

The Straits Times - 4 hours ago

China's state-backed blockchain company is set to launch its first major international project

BSN's international product called the the Spartan Network will eventually be made up of public blockchains that do no operate with cryptocurrencies.

CNBC - 7 hours ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Trading at $29K Levels

Albawaba - 9 hours ago

Ethereum co-founder says he's no longer a billionaire

Sydney Morning Herald - 11 hours ago

Fidelity lets companies offer bitcoin in a 401(k). One financial analyst thinks it's a 'terrible idea.'

NBC News - 19 hours ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Up to $29K

Albawaba - 1 day ago

China surges back to second place on bitcoin mining charts

Register UK - 1 day ago

Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin says he's no longer a billionaire

Business Insider - 1 day ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Plunges to $28K

Albawaba - 1 day ago

Ethereum co-founder Buterin is no longer a billionaire

Gulf News - 2 days ago

Bitcoin panic is for nothing: Nicole Arbour

Fox News - 2 days ago

Is Bitcoin an Inflation Hedge? Cryptocurrency Experts Weigh in

Newsweek - 2 days ago

Guild 22, Hong Kong's first blockchain game guild, begins operation

Taiwan News - 3 days ago

Why the "Cool Dictator" of El Salvador Went All-In on Bitcoin -- Michael Ahn Paarlberg

Slate - 4 days ago

How Blockchain and NFT Technologies Could Change Event Ticketing -- Read More >

Rolling Stone - 4 days ago

What happens when a blockchain like Terra dies -- 'The only direction from here is down — absent a miracle'

National Post - 4 days ago

Bitcoin production roars back in China despite Beijing's ban on crypto mining

New research from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance shows that Chinese bitcoin mining activity has quickly rebounded.

CNBC - 4 days ago

Crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried: 'I got involved with no clue what a blockchain was' -- Worth US$24-billion, Sam Bankman-Fried talks all things crypto at lunch with the Financial Times

National Post - 4 days ago

Bitcoin price crash sends crypto market into ‘extreme fear’ – live

Bitcoin has managed to bounce back after crashing to an 18-month price low over the weekend.

Independent UK - 5 days ago

A crypto first? What happens when a blockchain like Terra dies

Times of India - 5 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Fluctuates at $29K Level

Albawaba - 5 days ago

Will the world EVER be able to rely on cryptocurrencies?

Daily Mail - 6 days ago

TerraUST backer says will compensate some users; bitcoin back below $30,000

Dawn - 6 days ago

Will crypto go back up? Experts 'optimistic' as Bitcoin, Ethereum and DOGE all down

Daily Express - 6 days ago

El Salvador urges 44 countries to adopt bitcoin

Independent UK - 6 days ago

Bitcoin slides below $30,000 wiping away post-Terra Luna crash gains

Euronews - 6 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Stable at $29K

Albawaba - 7 days ago

Pierre Poilievre's populist bitcoin support signals impending crypto crash -- Ethan Lou

The Globe and Mail - 8 days ago

Scammed by romance and Bitcoin

The Week - 8 days ago

El Salvador Buys the Bitcoin Dip of 500 more coins

Times of India - 9 days ago

People are making millions playing blockchain games, but will it stick?

With billions in VC backing, Leah Callon-Butler believes blockchain gaming will ‘inevitably’ be part of big-name franchises.

Sydney Morning Herald - 10 days ago

Tech & Science Daily: Bitcoin crashes to lowest since summer ‘21

Plus, what’s the future for Peloton?

Evening Standard - 10 days ago

$400 billion crypto sell-off worsens as bitcoin slumps 10%

Trouble at a major “stablecoin” called TerraUSD, combined with interest rate rise fears, has sparked “extreme fear across the crypto market”

Evening Standard - 10 days ago

Bitcoin has just crashed below $27,000. Here are some reasons why

Euronews - 11 days ago

Bitcoin fails to live up to 'digital gold' hype

Evening Standard - 11 days ago

Miami's Bitcoin Conference Left a Trail of Harassment

Wired News - 12 days ago

Behold the Bitcoin City: El Salvador's 'millennial dictator' reveals plans for futuristic metropolis

Telegraph UK - 12 days ago

Turkish football body probing bitcoin toss in Beşiktaş-Fener tie

Daily Sabah - 13 days ago

Everything You Must Know about Blockchain Bridges

NDTV - 14 days ago

How blockchain is playing a key role in the war in Ukraine

The American and Austrian start-up Morpher launched a platform on Friday that allows investors to bet against Russian stocks.

Euronews - 16 days ago

Viverse: HTC's Vision Of Metaverse Connects Users To Virtual World, Blockchain And More

HTC Vive also introduces VIVE Guardian to let parents and guardians control what the young ones experience in the Viverse.

International Business Times - 16 days ago

Bitcoin in Your 401(k)? Not So Fast, Financial Advisors Say

Newsweek - 17 days ago

Why businesses need to move on blockchain

Independent UK - 18 days ago

Russia eyes ruble, lira in energy trade with Turkey, bitcoin with others

Daily Sabah - 21 days ago

How to buy Ethereum

Evening Standard - 23 days ago

How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Evening Standard - 24 days ago

The countries where Bitcoin and crypto are banned or restricted

Euronews - 25 days ago

Energy-thirsty Bitcoin miners seek ways to dump fossil fuels with move to Texas

With the cryptocurrency industry under increasing pressure to rein in the environmental...

Houston Chronicle - 1 month ago

Bitcoin entrepreneur Mow creates new company, inks El Salvador deal

One America News Network - 1 month ago

What's the real appeal and currency of NFTs? It's not ethereum but attention and hype

Channel NewsAsia - 1 month ago

Investing juggernaut Animoca Brands just shut down its crown jewel blockchain game F1 Delta Time. Players, investors and lawyers explain what went wrong — and the checklist you need if you're thinking of buying licensed NFTs

Business Insider - 1 month ago

TX bitcoin mining booms, but sustainability, grid concerns remain

Houston Chronicle - 2 months ago

Harry and Meghan used in fake Bitcoin investment adverts

Evening Standard - 4 months ago

Why the 'Big Short' Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

New York Magazine - 6 months ago

5 Best Crypto Exchanges and Bitcoin Trading Platforms (Sponsored)

Houston Chronicle - 10 months ago

'Crypto is the poster child of empty calorie speculation': Barry Norrison how inflation could affect growth stars, value shares and bitcoin

Daily Mail - 11 months ago

Using blockchain technology for secure data exchange in healthcare

The Star (Malaysia) - 1 year ago

Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

New York Magazine - 1 year ago