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Hackers Leak Part Of Source Code Of El Salvador's Bitcoin Wallet

International Business Times - 5 hours ago

Jack Dorsey's Block Platform Creates Chip for Bitcoin Mining: Details

NDTV - 6 hours ago

Bitcoin And Crypto Price Review - Another Myth Gets Busted?

Bitcoin enthusiasts always have myths to defend the digital currency and its peers. One of the myths held in the early days was that Bitcoin is a hedge against inflation, as it isn't subject to the manipulation of central governments.

International Business Times - 7 hours ago

Jack Dorsey's payments company, Block, is building its own bitcoin mining system

CNBC - 19 hours ago

Bitcoin Mining and Population Growth Are Pushing the Texas Grid to the Brink - 21 hours ago

Bitcoin Advocate RFK Jr. Wants US Budget On Blockchain

International Business Times - 1 day ago

BlockDAG X10 Miner takes the lead: Over 4800 miners sold as avalanche price and Ethereum prediction stir market interest

Times of India - 1 day ago

The existential threat to bitcoin

Sydney Morning Herald - 1 day ago

New bitcoin tokens are here. Inside a hacker house helping build memecoin market

CNBC - 1 day ago

Crypto prices gain to start the week following first Bitcoin halving since 2020

The Bitcoin network completed its fourth “halving” late Friday, reducing the rewards miners earned to 3.125 bitcoins from 6.25.

CNBC - 2 days ago

BlockDAG's moon keynote teaser shoots presale past $19.3M to beat Cardano & Ethereum price analysis

Times of India - 2 days ago

Bitcoin Begins Gradual Climb After Refusing To Budge During Halving

International Business Times - 2 days ago

Why did bitcoin halve this weekend? How the four-yearly event could affect the cryptocurrency's value

Daily Mail - 2 days ago

Bitcoin miners upgrade power centers and get into AI to brace for slashed revenue post halving

Bitcoin mining firms diversify their revenue streams to brace for halving.

CNBC - 2 days ago

Bitcoin 'halving' cuts supply of new tokens in threat to miners

News 24 - 4 days ago

Bitcoin 'halving' has taken place, CoinGecko says

Gulf News - 4 days ago

The bitcoin 'halving' is here. It limits the supply of new coins and is the fourth such event for the cryptocurrency

ABC News - 4 days ago

What is the bitcoin halving event and will it affect the price of the cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin's much-anticipated 'halving' is a well-flagged process whereby at particular points the ability to ‘mine’ or generate new bitcoins is dramatically ... - 4 days ago

Impending event could push price of Bitcoin into stratosphere

Russia Today - 4 days ago

Bitcoin Miners Brace for the ‘Halving’—and Race to Cash In

Wired News - 4 days ago

What's next after Bitcoin halving?

International The News - 6 days ago

Jamie Dimon calls bitcoin a 'fraud' and a 'Ponzi scheme' — and says the crypto is hopeless as a currency

Business Insider - 6 days ago

Crypto experts predict bitcoin ‘halving’ this week could dramatically change price

The last halving four years ago preceded a five-fold price increase

Independent UK - 7 days ago

What is the bitcoin ‘halving’ and will it cause another price rally?

The first bitcoin halving in four years is set to take place on 19 April, 2024

Independent UK - 9 days ago

Why is bitcoin halving - and when? How halving event could affect the cryptocurrency's value

Daily Mail - 11 days ago

Bitcoin barrels toward historic January as crypto market jumps by $280 billion

Times of India - 13 days ago

Cryptoverse: Bitcoin miners escape the bear trap

Times of India - 13 days ago

Bitcoin drops about 4%, slips below $30,000 amid crypto selloff

Times of India - 13 days ago

HTX Ventures unveiled the report on the topic of Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

Taiwan News - 30 days ago

ETHxCAT Launches: A New Era of Blockchain Gaming for Cat Enthusiasts

Taiwan News - 1 month ago

Bitcoin dominance in the Cryptocurrency Market: other coins outperforming

Albawaba - 1 month ago

Bitcoin rallies to another record high, hitting $71,000 as FCA approves Crypto ETNs

Albawaba - 1 month ago

Business - Bitcoin comes out of 'crypto winter' and scales to new heights

France 24 - 1 month ago

Bitcoin scorches past $57,000 as big buyers flock in

Reuters - 1 month ago

Investment in Bitcoin rockets up to $1 trillion as investors, 'cryptobros' hype up resurgence

First Post - 2 months ago