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You can now pay with Bitcoin in more than 130 businesses in Argentina

Rio Times - 8 minutes ago

Are Blockchain Games Stealing Away From Axie Infinity's Popularity?

NDTV - 14 minutes ago

Crypto-loving political campaigns have a silver bullet for collecting more bitcoin and altcoin donations

Business Insider - 1 hour ago

Better to own bitcoin or trade bitcoin futures?

Fox News - 3 hours ago

Walmart shoppers can now buy bitcoin at kiosks in some stores

Cryptocurrency becoming more mainstream as largest U.S. retailer hosts Coinstar machines in 200 locations.

CBS News - 5 hours ago

You Can Buy Bitcoin at Walmart Now

Tulsa World - 3 hours ago

Cash-to-Bitcoin exchange available at 200 Walmart Coinstar machines

Washington Examiner - 5 hours ago

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Thinks He Underinvested in Bitcoin

NDTV - 9 hours ago

Walmart Orders Installation of 200 Bitcoin ATMs Across US Retail Stores

NDTV - 9 hours ago

PayPal Co-Founder Peter Thiel Says He Wishes He'd Invested More in Bitcoin

NDTV - 9 hours ago

Where does bitcoin go from here?

Independent UK - 9 hours ago

How Bitcoin broke all records to attain an all time high spot price of $66,000 on October 19

Times of India - 9 hours ago

Bitcoin ATMs Coming to Select Walmart Stores in the US

The Bitcoin ATMs, however, will not work like other traditional cash dispensing machines.

NDTV - 9 hours ago

Wall Street gets second bitcoin-related ETF -- and first on Nasdaq

UPI - 11 hours ago

Bitcoin Flash-Crashes To $8K On Binance; CEO Zhao Warns Of Volatility

International Business Times - 10 hours ago

Walmart Shoppers Can Buy Bitcoin At Coinstar Kiosks In Select Stores

International Business Times - 11 hours ago

Crypto market drops again after all-time high - follow updates live

Bitcoin share price news: Crypto market smashes record all-time high

Independent UK - 12 hours ago

Valkyrie Futures-Based Bitcoin ETF Gets SEC Green Light to Start Trading

NDTV - 13 hours ago

[Reporter's Notebook] Korea should speed up discussion on bitcoin ETF launch

Korea Times - 14 hours ago

Cryptocurrency Prices Today: Bitcoin falls nearly 3%, Solana up over 11%

Times of India - 15 hours ago

Walmart sets up hundreds of bitcoin ATMs at its stores across the US — RT Business News

US retail giant Walmart, the world’s largest company by revenue, has launched a program to allow customers to buy bitcoin at 200 of its stores via Coinstar ATMs.

Russia Today - 15 hours ago

Bitcoin Falls by Over 5 Percent After Setting New All-Time High

NDTV - 16 hours ago

ASX flat, Bitcoin glitch sees value plunge, Evergrande avoids default

Australian Broadcasting Corp - 17 hours ago

Bitcoin Crashed 87% On Binance's U.S. Exchange Due To Algo Bug

NDTV - 18 hours ago

Bitcoin briefly crashes by 87% on Binance's US exchange due to algorithm bug

The Straits Times - 22 hours ago

Wealthsimple offers group retirement savings plan clients access to cryptocurrency portfolio -- Subscriber content -- Wealthsimple Work adds cryptocurrency portfolio to its investment options, which gives investors exposure to bitcoin without holding the digital currency directly

The Globe and Mail - 1 day ago

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin Hits New All-Time High At $65K

Albawaba - 1 day ago

Bitcoin hits new all time high above $66,000 US | CBC News

Bitcoin rose to a new all time high above $66,000 US on the first futures-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) launched this week.

CBC News - 1 day ago

Bitcoin hits new high, topping $66,000, on mainstream hopes for cryptocurrency

Launch of the first exchange-traded fund linked to bitcoin draws new investors hoping to bet on the digital asset

CBS News - 1 day ago

Bitcoin price reaches new record high of over $66,000

Daily Mail - 1 day ago

Bitcoin or gold? Which is best buffer against inflation

Evening Standard - 1 day ago

Bitcoin overtakes Swiss Franc to become world's 13th biggest currency

Independent UK - 1 day ago

Mariah Carey Embraces Bitcoin on Instagram

Albawaba - 1 day ago

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel says he 'underinvested' in bitcoin

CNBC - 1 day ago

Bitcoin energy critics should check their own footprints first -- Ethan Lou: We all, collectively, constantly guzzle electricity without regard for how useful the resulting activities are

National Post - 1 day ago

The Future of Money by Eswar Prasad — balances of power -- Bitcoin might have unleashed a revolution but, like so many revolutions, it might have now come full circle

National Post - 1 day ago

Price prediction: Bitcoin to keep soaring on ETF news?

Gulf News - 1 day ago

Bitcoin storms above $66,000 for first time

Korea Times - 1 day ago

Bitcoin rallies to all-time high past $66,000

Gulf News - 1 day ago

Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies, explained

Tulsa World - 1 day ago

Bitcoin hits record above $66,000 on Wall Street debut

Dawn - 1 day ago

Bitcoin Tops $66,000, Sets Record as Crypto Goes Mainstream -

Hamodia - 1 day ago

Business Highlights: Fossil fuel plans, Bitcoin over $66,000

AP News - 2 days ago

Pennsylvania bitcoin miner jumps 52% in Nasdaq debut as bitcoin price hits record

Shares of Pennsylvania bitcoin miner Stronghold Digital Mining jumped 52% in their first day of trading on Wednesday.

CNBC - 2 days ago

Morgan Stanley holds off on offering wealth management clients the first bitcoin ETF as Wall Street faces a new front in crypto

Business Insider - 2 days ago

Bitcoin hits new record high, topping $66,000

Investors cheered the successful launch of the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund.

NBC News - 2 days ago

Bitcoin price prediction: BTC CAN'T reach $100,000 in 2021

Daily Express - 2 days ago

Bitcoin Reaches Highest Value Yet After ETF Launch

International Business Times - 2 days ago

Bitcoin jumps to new record above $65,000 after landmark U.S. ETF launch

Bitcoin notched a fresh all-time high on Wednesday as investors cheered the successful launch of the first U.S. bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund.

CNBC - 2 days ago

Bitcoin hits new record, takes another step towards mainstream after Wall Street foray

France 24 - 2 days ago

Bitcoin hits new record high

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are celebrating after Bitcoin hit a record high.

Washington Examiner - 2 days ago

Bitcoin soars to record high

Bitcoin has reached its all-time high price.

Independent UK - 2 days ago

Mexican Airline Volaris Accepts Bitcoin In El Salvador

Albawaba - 2 days ago

What is the Bitcoin-linked ETF and can it convince the crypto fans?

What is an EFT and can it convince Bitcoin fans who want to cut out the middleman when it comes to trading?

Euronews - 2 days ago

[ANALYSIS] US bitcoin ETF debut will not boost crypto growth in Korea

Korea Times - 2 days ago

Crypto Price Today: Bitcoin Breaks New All-Time High Above $63K

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Bitcoin sits below all-time high after US ETF debut

Dawn - 2 days ago

Bitcoin futures ETF debuts as second-highest traded fund ever

The first Bitcoin-linked exchange-traded fund listed in the U.S. debuted as the second-most heavily traded fund on record in a watershed moment for the crypto industry.

Los Angeles Times - 2 days ago

Bitcoin price: Crypto-fund assets explode to all-time high as first-ever ETF launched

Daily Express - 3 days ago

Bitcoin price rally could be ‘supercharged’ as crypto ETF milestone finally passed

Highly-anticipated NYSE debut will open up crypto market to new swathe of traders and investors

Independent UK - 3 days ago

Bitcoin in red on October 17, but remains above $60,000 on US ETF fund approval nod

First Post - 3 days ago

Why the 'Big Short' Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble -- Michelle Celarier

New York Magazine - 4 days ago

Bitcoin could be about to hit all-time record high

Bitcoin ETF is ‘turning point’ for crypto industry, as analysts make six-figure prediction for 2021

Independent UK - 4 days ago

Bitcoin closes to new record high on ETF anticipation

Evening Standard - 4 days ago

Bank of England warning: Bitcoin and crypto could lead to 2008-level recession

Daily Express - 5 days ago

Bitcoin-mining power plant raises concerns among environmentalists

An obstacle to large-scale bitcoin mining is finding enough cheap energy to run the huge, power-gobbling computer arrays that create and transact cryptocurrency. One mining operation in central New Yo

Washington Times - 6 days ago

Bank of England will 'scramble to buy Bitcoin before it tops £727,000 per coin'

Daily Express - 6 days ago

Every country where you can pay your bills with BITCOIN

Daily Express - 6 days ago

Bitcoin vs Ethereum - Which cryptocurrencies have real longevity? Crypto market analysis

Daily Express - 6 days ago

Bitcoin price LIVE: Investing frenzy as crypto SMASHES $60k after ETF approval confirmed

Daily Express - 6 days ago

Bitcoin soars 40% up to $62,253 on growing optimism

International The News - 6 days ago

El Salvador explores bitcoin mining powered by volcanoes

Boston Herald - 6 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Close to $60K Levels

Albawaba - 7 days ago

Bitcoin hovers near $60,000 on US ETF hopes

Evening Standard - 7 days ago

Bitcoin tops $60,000. Why is it reaching a record high?

Euronews - 7 days ago

Bitcoin continues to SOAR - Inside bitcoin's domination of the crypto market - expert

Daily Express - 7 days ago

Bitcoin ETF news sends price of crypto soaring

The first ever crypto futures ETF in the US is expected to be approved by the SEC next week

Independent UK - 7 days ago

Bitcoin price rally sees crypto market overtake Apple

Independent UK - 8 days ago

Crypto Price Today: Polkadot Soars 10 Percent, Bitcoin at $57K

Albawaba - 8 days ago

Which Cryptocurrency To Bet On? Here's Why Billionaire Investor Mark Cuban Recommends Ethereum

International Business Times - 8 days ago

US overtakes China as world’s largest Bitcoin mining hub

The United States has supplanted China as the world’s largest center for Bitcoin mining after Beijing announced that the practice would be forbidden.

Washington Examiner - 9 days ago

Bitcoin could trigger financial meltdown, warns Bank of England deputy

Guardian UK - 9 days ago

U.S. becomes largest bitcoin mining center following China ban

NBC News - 9 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Flirts With $57K

Albawaba - 10 days ago

Ethereum - What I Hate, Love, and Fear About the Cryptocurrency

NDTV - 11 days ago

Globant acquires Argentina firm specialized in blockchain

Rio Times - 16 days ago

Bitcoin price surge drives Ethereum, Cardano and dogecoin revival – follow live

Follow latest updates on BTC

Independent UK - 16 days ago

El Salvador mines $300 of bitcoin using the power of a volcano

Independent UK - 21 days ago

Opinion: Even the People's Bank of China Can't Kill Bitcoin FOMO

The cryptocurrency crowd has wasted no time in dancing on the grave of Chinas "FUD" (internet speak for fear, uncertainty and doubt).

NDTV - 23 days ago

Podcast: Fans of EDM star 3lau 'could earn Bitcoin-style royalties'

Evening Standard - 25 days ago

How Europe is preparing for a blockchain future

Euronews - 28 days ago

The countries where Bitcoin and crypto are banned or restricted

Euronews - 28 days ago

You can now tip content creators on Twitter with Bitcoin

It is the first major social network to encourage cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

Euronews - 28 days ago

Tech this week: El Salvador court looks at Bitcoin complaints

Euronews - 1 month ago

Bitcoin has already used more energy this year than during all of 2020

Euronews - 1 month ago

El Salvador's Bitcoin rollout hit by digital wallet glitches

Euronews - 1 month ago

Bitcoin inches closer to becoming legal tender globally as El Salvador breaks path

President Nayib Bukele announced El Salvador had bought its first 400 bitcoins, in two tranches of 200, and promised more were coming

International The News - 1 month ago

Bitcoin Will Soon Be Legal Tender In El Salvador - Here's What That Means

NDTV - 1 month ago

Is Cardano (ADA) the next big crypto? Here’s all you need to know

What is Cardano and what are the reasons for its success? Here’s everything you need to know.

Euronews - 1 month ago

5 Best Crypto Exchanges and Bitcoin Trading Platforms of 2021

Houston Chronicle - 3 months ago

US recovers most of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin ransom

Euronews - 4 months ago

'Crypto is the poster child of empty calorie speculation': Barry Norrison how inflation could affect growth stars, value shares and bitcoin

Daily Mail - 4 months ago

Was Coinbase's listing bitcoin and crypto's coming of age?

Daily Mail - 5 months ago

Bitcoin shares surge to RECORD high as Mastercard & BNY Mellon announce projects

Irish Sun - 8 months ago

Should people cash in bitcoin profits or wait for the moon?

Daily Mail - 9 months ago

Using blockchain technology for secure data exchange in healthcare

The Star (Malaysia) - 10 months ago

Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

New York Magazine - 1 year ago

The Twin Blockchain Entrepreneurs Who Dream of "Digital Air Jordans"

New York Magazine - 1 year ago