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Experts recommend renewable energy, alternative ways to clean up cryptocurrency -- Lawmakers grappled Thursday with balancing the energy consumption of cryptocurrency's mining process alongside the opportunities for blockchain technology at a House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing.

UPI - 2 hours ago

Florida woman pleads guilty to Bitcoin murder-for-hire plot

Fox News - 3 hours ago

Exclusive - Rep. Patrick McHenry: Republicans Have to Stop 'Nefarious' Efforts of Biden Admin, Progressives' Assault on Bitcoin

Breitbart - 3 hours ago says hackers stole more than $30 million in bitcoin and ethereum

Cryptocurrency exchange temporarily suspended withdrawals after cybercriminals raided 483 customer accounts.

CBS News - 3 hours ago

NYC Mayor Eric Adams will convert his first paycheck into Bitcoin and Ether

Business Insider - 4 hours ago

Harry and Meghan caught up in Bitcoin scam

NZ Herald - 5 hours ago

Florida woman pleads guilty in murder-for-hire plot that used Bitcoin as payment

Orlando Sentinel - 6 hours ago

Bitcoin in crosshairs as Democrats target crypto in green energy push

Independent UK - 6 hours ago

Former California pro skateboarder sentenced to 8 years for selling drugs, laundering Bitcoin

The Mercury News - 6 hours ago

SEC blocks Anthony Scaramucci's Bitcoin fund

Politico - 6 hours ago

Primark to slash 400 jobs as omicron hits sales - live updates

Primark owner Associated British Foods (ABF) has said it’s slashing around 400 jobs from its UK stores as sales struggle to recover to pre-pandemic levels.

Telegraph UK - 7 hours ago

Ethereum के एक पूरे ब्लॉक की माइनिंग से माइनर ने कमाए 5,40,000 डॉलर

NDTV - 7 hours ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Up to $43K

Albawaba - 7 hours ago

Google 'is building a new blockchain division', signalling interest in Web3, report

News 24 - 11 hours ago

Blockchain renewable energy certification system launched in Uruguay

Rio Times - 11 hours ago

Bitcoin is next climate fight for Democrats

Politico - 11 hours ago

Jan. 6 panel subpoenas 2 far-right activists said to have received $275,000 worth of bitcoin from French computer programmer before riot

Business Insider - 12 hours ago

Fraudsters use fake endorsements from Harry and Meghan to promote scam bitcoin investment adverts including one claiming they made $174,000 every month

Daily Mail - 12 hours ago

Google is reportedly building a new blockchain division under a veteran search exec, finally signaling interest in Web3

Business Insider - 12 hours ago

Ethereum Miner Bags $540,000 as Reward After Mining Entire Block

NDTV - 12 hours ago

Harry and Meghan used in fake Bitcoin investment adverts

Evening Standard - 13 hours ago

Google Labs Appoints Team for Research Work on Blockchain Tech

NDTV - 14 hours ago

Bitcoin 'neobank' Shakepay raises $44-million from investors to spur growth -- Subscriber content

The Globe and Mail - 15 hours ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Back to $42K

Albawaba - 14 hours ago

Market Goes Green As Bitcoin, Ether Rise; Cardano Continues To Dip

International Business Times - 16 hours ago

Cryptocurrency prices: Bitcoin gains 1%, Ethereum increases over 2% in the last week

Times of India - 19 hours ago

Here's Why Gamers Are Angry With NFTs And Blockchain-Based Games

International Business Times - 23 hours ago

Bitcoin माइनिंग ना करें लोग, इस देश में दिलाई जा रही पवित्र शपथ

NDTV - 1 day ago

A national blockchain would allow users to identify senders

The Straits Times - 1 day ago

EU regulator wants to ban energy-intensive bitcoin mining

Erik Thedéen said that the main form of bitcoin mining was doing harm to the environment and was setting back efforts to combat climate change.

New York Post - 1 day ago

Bitcoin cash back app Mode CEO quits after rollout blunder

Evening Standard - 1 day ago

Stablecoin payments pick up, challenging Bitcoin as the dominant payments coin

Business Insider - 1 day ago

Craig Wright sues Bitcoin SV devs and demands coin access

Register UK - 1 day ago

Cryptocurrency prices today: Dogecoin down over 2%, Cardano falls 10% - Times of India

Times of India - 1 day ago

Bitcoin price is slipping again: Here's why

Gulf News - 1 day ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Down to $41K

Albawaba - 1 day ago

Security -- acknowledges 'unauthorized activity' on servers, maintains no funds have been lost -- Security biz PeckShield claims $15m in Ethereum taken

Register UK - 2 days ago

FP CryptoDecoded: Experts discuss cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. FP CryptoDecoded: Experts on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry. Watch the full series now>

National Post - 2 days ago

Virtual-world hopping through metaverse enabled by blockchain

You may think the metaverse will be a bunch of interconnected virtual spaces -- the world wide web but accessed through virtual reality. This is largely correct, but the blockchain will set it apart.

UPI - 2 days ago

Tonga receives hundreds of bitcoin donations after volcano devastation

More than $40,000 already raised by Tongan politician and crypto advocate Lord Fusitu’a

Independent UK - 2 days ago

Bitcoin may drop as crypto bubble pops – analyst

Russia Today - 2 days ago

Cryptocurrency prices today: Dogecoin gains 17%, Cardano increases 35% in the week

Times of India - 2 days ago

Jack Dorsey's payment company building official open Bitcoin mining system

Times of India - 2 days ago

Bitcoin tipped for huge crisis in 2022: 'Was a joke from the beginning'

Daily Express - 4 days ago

Bitcoin surge: Could this crypto break its all-time high by soaring to £54,842 in 2022?

Daily Express - 5 days ago

Bitcoin options shift has some bulls calling $40,000 the bottom

Peninsula Qatar - 5 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Down to $42K

Albawaba - 5 days ago

Put In a Dollar, Get $100 Back: A True Bitcoin Story

Wired News - 6 days ago

Bitcoin price drops again in latest bad news for crypto market

Independent UK - 6 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Stable at $43K

Albawaba - 6 days ago

3 Countries That Might Adopt Bitcoin Soon

Albawaba - 6 days ago

Bitcoin price prediction: Which crypto will explode in 2022? Expert analysis

Daily Express - 8 days ago

Bank CEO predicts bitcoin price will hit new record high in 2022

‘Our internal valuation models indicate a price right now between $50,000 and $75,000,’ says Seba CEO

Independent UK - 8 days ago

Bitcoin slides towards dreaded ‘Death Cross’

Price of cryptocurrency is down 40 per cent since November, as analysts warn of even heavier losses

Independent UK - 9 days ago

The countries where Bitcoin and crypto are banned or restricted

Euronews - 9 days ago

3 Ways To Save On Ethereum Gas Fees

International Business Times - 9 days ago

Bitcoin falls below $40,000 for first time since September

Euronews - 10 days ago

Bitcoin goes haywire as market crashes - then instantly un-crashes

Bitcoin has crashed – and then almost instantly risen again, to higher prices than it was before.

Independent UK - 10 days ago

Bitcoin hits longest losing streak since 2018

Independent UK - 10 days ago

Business Daily -- Kazakhstan internet shutdown sends price of Bitcoin tumbling

France 24 - 10 days ago

Price of Bitcoin plunges to multimonth low

The price of Bitcoin is at its lowest level in months as the Federal Reserve gears up to begin raising interest rates and Kazakhstan grapples with unrest.

Washington Examiner - 12 days ago

Bitcoin price news: Melania Trump celebrates BTC anniversary

Independent UK - 16 days ago

Bitcoin at $100,000 or popped by Fed? analysts give their 2022 views

Peninsula Qatar - 17 days ago

How Blockchain Technology Is Changing the Art World

Voice of America - 23 days ago

Bitcoin has dropped by 29%. Why has it plunged this time?

The value of Ether also dropped by 10 per cent amid a broad sale of cryptos which saw the $2.5 billion worth of crypto liquidated. What caused the drop?

Euronews - 1 month ago

The major companies that accept Bitcoin and other cryptos as payment

An increasing number of companies - including Starbucks and PayPal - are accepting cryptos. Here's where you can spend your Bitcoin.

Euronews - 1 month ago

Crypto named Omicron spikes and outperforms Bitcoin amid variant fears

Euronews - 1 month ago

Why Blockchain isn't as secure as you think

Evening Standard - 1 month ago

Texas plans to become the bitcoin capital, vulnerable power grid and all

Texas, already home to the most vulnerable power grid in the U.S., is about to be hit by...

Houston Chronicle - 1 month ago

California man gets prison for Bitcoin money laundering

SANTA ANA, Calif.: ASouthern California man was sentenced to three years in federal prison for operating an unlicensed business that exchanged at leas...

Peninsula Qatar - 2 months ago

Bitcoin as an inflation hedge - is gold losing its lustre?

Arabian Business - 2 months ago

Is Bitcoin Killing Gold?

New York Magazine - 2 months ago

Why the 'Big Short' Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

New York Magazine - 2 months ago

Opinion: Even the People's Bank of China Can't Kill Bitcoin FOMO

The cryptocurrency crowd has wasted no time in dancing on the grave of Chinas "FUD" (internet speak for fear, uncertainty and doubt).

NDTV - 3 months ago

Is Cardano (ADA) the next big crypto? Here’s all you need to know

What is Cardano and what are the reasons for its success? Here’s everything you need to know.

Euronews - 4 months ago

5 Best Crypto Exchanges and Bitcoin Trading Platforms of 2021

Houston Chronicle - 6 months ago

US recovers most of Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin ransom

Euronews - 7 months ago

'Crypto is the poster child of empty calorie speculation': Barry Norrison how inflation could affect growth stars, value shares and bitcoin

Daily Mail - 7 months ago

Was Coinbase's listing bitcoin and crypto's coming of age?

Daily Mail - 8 months ago

Should people cash in bitcoin profits or wait for the moon?

Daily Mail - 11 months ago

Using blockchain technology for secure data exchange in healthcare

The Star (Malaysia) - 1 year ago

Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

New York Magazine - 1 year ago

The Twin Blockchain Entrepreneurs Who Dream of "Digital Air Jordans"

New York Magazine - 1 year ago