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Bitcoin worse for the climate than beef, say economists -- Researchers mince 'digital gold' claims with study showing cryptocurrency's impact -- 30 Sep 2022

Register UK - 1 day ago

The Merge made Ethereum better for the environment – but not so much for investors

The Globe and Mail - 1 day ago

Best Bitcoin Casinos (Sponsored)

SF Gate - 2 days ago

7 Misconceptions about The Ethereum Merge

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Stable at $19K Levels

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Up to $20K

Albawaba - 2 days ago

Innovation Causes Waves - High Turnout Highlights the Breadth of Talent and Innovation in the Blockchain Ecosystem

Taiwan News - 3 days ago

Elon Musk laid out his idea for a new blockchain-based social media platform to his brother Kimbal in private texts: 'This could be massive'

Business Insider - 3 days ago

Bitcoin mining uses more energy than beef production, study finds

Daily Mail - 3 days ago

Bitcoin Is As Bad for the Planet As Beef, and It's Getting Worse

Newsweek - 3 days ago

Bitcoin-sterling volumes spike to record high as British currency flounders

Times of India - 3 days ago

South Korea seeks to freeze $62 million of bitcoin linked to crypto founder Do Kwon as manhunt continues

South Korean authorities said they have asked two cryptocurrency exchanges KuCoin and OXK to freeze more than $60 million worth of bitcoin linked to Do Kwon.

CNBC - 4 days ago

innovation beat - Why a Boston sneaker design veteran and crypto entrepreneur are making NFT shoes - A shoe designer and a blockchain entrepreneur have teamed up to launch Endstate, a local startup that sells more than just sneakers.

Boston Globe - 5 days ago

Bitcoin price surges as pound crash brings panic to fiat currencies

Independent UK - 5 days ago

Bitcoin mining struggles to go green, research shows

Times of India - 5 days ago

Cryptoverse: Bitcoin miners get stuck in a bear pit

Times of India - 5 days ago

Bitcoin-loving El Salvador president mocks Bank of England over pound

Independent UK - 5 days ago

Bitcoin bounces above $20,000 for first time in about a week

Dawn - 6 days ago

What's Next for Ethereum After the Merge

Wired News - 6 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Holds On to $18K Levels

Albawaba - 7 days ago

Ethereum Merge signals end of GPU shortage, not high pricing

Register UK - 8 days ago

Cost of crypto: Report say US bitcoin as dirty as 6 million cars

Times of India - 9 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Stable at $19K

Albawaba - 11 days ago

The Ethereum Merge is Here: What Changed?

Albawaba - 11 days ago

Crypto Prices Today: Bitcoin Down to $18K

Albawaba - 11 days ago

What's Next For Ethereum After The Merge?

Albawaba - 11 days ago

Bitcoin falls to 3-month low as US Fed meeting looms

Bitcoin fell to its lowest level in three months on Monday as the cryptocurrency market faces a sell-off ahead of the U.S. Federal Reserve's (Fed)...

Daily Sabah - 13 days ago

Bitcoin falls below $19,000 as cryptos creak under rate hike risk - Times of India

Times of India - 14 days ago

Is Ethereum ditching its 'miners'

Deccan Chronicle - 14 days ago

Merge takes Ethereum to full proof-of-stake and price slumps

Register UK - 17 days ago

Ethereum's "Merge" is live — here's what you need to know

Crypto enthusiasts say a shift in how ethereum — the second-most popular blockchain — works will revolutionize digital currencies.

CBS News - 17 days ago

Ethereum blockchain slashes energy use with 'Merge' software upgrade

London: The Ethereum blockchain has undergone a major software upgrade, drastically reducing its energy usage, its inventor and co founder tweeted on...

Peninsula Qatar - 17 days ago

Canadian crypto companies hope to boost clientele as ethereum goes green

‘The Merge’ will see ethereum drop its ‘proof-of-work’ system and adopt a new green model which will reduce the amount of energy needed to run its open-source blockchain by up to 99.95 per cent

The Globe and Mail - 17 days ago

Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector Market Demands, Industry Analysis and Forecast 2030

Taiwan News - 18 days ago

Ethereum Blockchain Set for 'Monumental' Overhaul

Voice of America - 21 days ago

Bitcoin leaps over $20,000 as US dollar sags

Times of India - 23 days ago

The countries where Bitcoin and crypto are banned or restricted

Euronews - 1 month ago

Ethereum takes a big step to becoming greener

Euronews - 1 month ago

Crypto Diaries: The Bitcoin Entrepreneur Whose Wife Won't Let Him Talk Bitcoin

BuzzFeed News - 1 month ago

The Rise and Fall of a Bitcoin Mining Sensation

Wired News - 1 month ago

Scammed by romance and Bitcoin

The Week - 4 months ago

Viverse: HTC's Vision Of Metaverse Connects Users To Virtual World, Blockchain And More

HTC Vive also introduces VIVE Guardian to let parents and guardians control what the young ones experience in the Viverse.

International Business Times - 4 months ago

Energy-thirsty Bitcoin miners seek ways to dump fossil fuels with move to Texas

With the cryptocurrency industry under increasing pressure to rein in the environmental...

Houston Chronicle - 5 months ago

Why the 'Big Short' Guys Think Bitcoin Is a Bubble

New York Magazine - 11 months ago

Using blockchain technology for secure data exchange in healthcare

The Star (Malaysia) - 1 year ago

Twitter Accounts of Bloomberg, Obama, Apple and Others Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

New York Magazine - 2 years ago